Join our Team FAQ’s

Here are a few often-asked questions.  If you have any more,  Please contact me.  I hope to hear from you soon!

  1. How much does the New Consultant Kit cost?  The kit is only $99 (plus tax and shipping) and gives you over $300 in beautiful product to get you started out right.
  2. What comes in the New Consultant Kits? There is a newly customized kit with the release of each new Idea Book.  You can see the list of items here.    You’ll notice that you now have the option of ordering a kit geared more to card-making and one for scrapbooking.
  3. Is there a new consultant bonus?  Absolutely! With the “Straight to the Top” program, you can earn the cost of your kit back – simply place $1,200 in orders within the first 90 days.
  4. Can I sign-up just to get a great kit and discount on future purchases?   Yes!  A majority of Consultants are Hobbyists or Personal Use Consultants and do not do parties or hold classes or workshops. You are welcome to simply enjoy the discount on your own orders.  But you might find it easy to share your passion, pay for your hobby, and make some extra money, too!
  5. What is the discount?
    Active Consultants enjoy a discount of 22%-35% depending on their sales for the month in addition to earning up to $75 in FREE product credit each month. Senior Directors and above also earn an additional 5% – 15% of personal override commission ON TOP of the regular commission and free product credit! Your earning potential is unlimited!
  6. What are the sales requirements?
    The sales requirement is $300 retail (before your discount) to stay a full Consultant within a sales quarter starting with the quarter after you sign-up (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December).
  7. What if I don’t place $300 in a quarter or place any orders at all?
    You have a full quarter to make your sales minimum – so the full quarter after the one you signed up in.  If you don’t,  you’ll simply become a customer once again and will have the option of re-signing in 6 months.
  8. Are you required to maintain an inventory?
    Nope. There are so many different products and we constantly get new things, that CTMH actually suggests that you do not maintain an inventory. You can place an order for 1 item or 1000 items, whatever you require and you can have customer orders sent directly to their home.
  9. Does the company offer Hostess gifts? If so, who pays for them?
    Yes! CTMH pays for all hostess rewards, and as a Consultant, you are welcome to be your own Hostess and earn more free goodies!
  10. Does CTMH offer any training or events?
    We have amazing training options available including lots of great videos. There is an entire listening library of recorded conference calls, bulletin boards for artwork, business, templates, Studio J, Swaps, Mentoring, and more. The Consultant only website has lots of pre-designed projects and workshops for us to use as well as training and networking. There are annual events such as Leadership, Regional Celebrations and Convention. You’ll even benefit from the friendly customer service staff on an 800# to help with any questions.
  11. How much is it to have a website?
    All Consultants are automatically given a beautiful FREE website, so your friends and customers can place orders online, 24 hours a day!
  12. What will my team be like?  Will I be able to network with them?
    Absolutely!  Our Sweet Hearts team is the best! We have an amazing group of women from around the country who love each other and love connecting – even if it’s only occasionally or long-distance.  We have one of the largest and fastest growing teams in the company.  I am 3rd in seniority with my upline being one of those 2 who signed up before me.  She’s a great source of inspiration and support to us.  Our Stamping & Scrapping Sisters share laughs and ideas when we come together for events and meetings and love swapping new ideas and we have an active Face Book team page.  Being a CTMH consultant is my full-time job and one of my favorite parts is working with my team!  Come play with us!
  13. How do I sign up?
    It’s easy and only takes about 5 minutes.  Click HERE to get started!
  14. How long will it take to receive my kit?
    Many times approval and kits are done in the same day you apply – leaving your shipping time to wait. You will receive a Fed Ex tracking number so that you can track your package and know exactly when it will arrive.
  15. Can I contact you if I have questions after I sign up?
    Of course. I am available to my team via phone, email, and Facebook at any time. I am more than happy to help you get started building a business, or just encourage you if you would simply like to be a Personal Use Consultant.

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