My Sweet Studio Photos

I’ve had a lot of requests from my out-of-town customers and consultants to post some photos of my “Sweet Studio”.  As you may be able to relate, it never seems clean enough for photographing!  But I recently taught some classes to consultants at the Close To My Heart Album Retreat on how to plan and run a workshop and decided at the last minute to take some quick shots of the room for my Power Point Presentation.  So if you promise not to look too closely :), I’ll share them with you now – if we have to wait for it to be perfectly straightened and clean, it might never happen!  Oh well, future pictures of the perfect storm is something to dream about!

Studio East shot

I designed my Studio with a separate customer entrance.  There is a Drinking Fountain and Bathroom by the entrance.  This is the view looking East as you first enter the “play” room.  You can barely make out my 2 large desks that take up a good portion of the back section of my room.  One desk and computer is strictly for business and the other is where I create and cut all my Cricut/CCR projects!  Love it!

Studio North Shot

This is looking North.  You can see where all the action happen!  Also, some display & shopping areas.  I can split my tables to hold more people but I like everyone to have plenty of space.  Smaller groups get even more space as I eliminate some chairs.

Studio South Shot

This is the view looking South to my “kitchen”.  I love having a sink, fridge, microwave and extra cabinetry.  You can see more of my displays, shopping and storage space in this photo, as well as the big screen TV for late nights and Studio J Classes.

Studio Kitchen Shot

Even though I love color (and am many times tempted to paint some walls!), I wanted my room to be fairly neutral in color so I don’t get competing “moods” when I’m creating.  However, I love seeing my colors of buttons, ribbons, markers, stamp pads, and current Product Displays to inspire me and just make me happy!

Studio Button Jars

Isn’t it funny how happy we get when we see these?  Even my 2 year old Grand daughter loves to come play in my accessories and buttons – must be genetic!

Studio Ribbon Jars

I used to have my ribbon scraps in drawers but I would never use them.  Now, not only do I love to see them, but I can quickly grab a scrap when I need just a little something extra on a project.

Paper Cutters

I can’t say enough about how important it is to have the right paper trimmer for every project!  Here are just a few of the regulars I use.  I love my newest prize, the Heavy Duty Carl on the right can cut up to 36 sheets at once and has saved me hours of cutting time (thanks Janel for the recommendation!).

Paper Drawers

Last but not least, my paper drawers – love ’em!  I had these cabinets designed for my “Office” in my last house and made it a point to have them portable to move with me.  They perfectly fit 12×12 paper.  I keep my scraps in open ended envelopes in front of the full sheets and am often inspired by my scraps!  I have 5 banks of these drawers on this West wall with 2 drawers above each of these for supplies and lots of ribbon!

Thanks for joining me on this quick tour of my Sweet Studio.  I’d love to have a personal visit, if you’re ever in Pleasant View Utah, give me a call!

Published on: November 1, 2013

5 Responses to My Sweet Studio Photos

  1. Lyndsi says:

    Your studio looks super impressive!! And I’ve been there many a time haha. Love your new posts!

  2. Krista :) says:

    LOVE your amazing room!!! I want to come and play! :)

  3. Denise Sanner says:

    I’m with Krista…I want to come play! This space is to die for! Well, okay…not totally to die for…but close :)

  4. Carol Loftus says:

    Your room is gorgeous!

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