How to size a 3-D project on CCR

I have really enjoyed working with the Cloud 9 Card Kit.  It’s fun, easy to make and works up quickly – and I especially loved all the left-over awesome accessory products you get with it!  I wanted to keep the simplicity of the kit but still make it uniquely mine as well as make it a little more special to give as a gift – the complete package.  I wanted to do all this without having to add more paper or accessories to the kit.  By creating a Cricut Craft Room file, I was able to see how much left-over paper I had to work with and turn a 10 card project into something a little more special without any extra cost and very little time.

 Cloud 9 File Sizing

Here’s how I did it:

1.  Create a new CCR file and your Layers of paper you will be using.  Take a minute to quickly change the colors and description for each layers for easier identification.  To decipher between my “design” files (always listed first) and my “cut” files, I use an * before the title – this makes it quick and easy to find.

2. Choose the box/container that will work well for your project (I used the same cartridge from the Cloud 9 kit that used to cut the stamped images – CTMH Artiste Cartridge).  Locate the pieces in the design drawer and drag them to a blank layer.  Be sure to keep them the exact size from the drawer so each piece will match up when put together.

Fullscreen capture 12312013 12219 PM

3. Highlight both pieces together and drag the corner “crossed arrows” to enlarge all pieces as a whole – this will ensure both pieces will keep their size and still match up as the size changes.  Be sure to keep both pieces highlighted at all times when adjusting the size.  I often use the No Color feature on CCR (located on the layer color selection) to see the lines and size it exactly.  I just made it slightly larger than the envelope at the point on the paper where the envelope & Cards will match-up.

Cloud 9 No Color

4.  Copy and Paste each individual piece to it’s new Layer with coordinating paper color. Honey for the upper part of the container and Lagoon for the base.  Then to get the exact location of where I want the images cut on the paper (to ensure there is plenty of paper left for the card parts), I pulled some 4 sided shapes from my drawer and plugged in the size for each piece from the CTMH project guide.

I have only linked my most favorite, use-every-day cartridges to my Craft Room account (CTMH Cartridges, of course!).  This makes it quick & easy to find what I need without searching through so many Cartridges. You can see in the screen shot below that I pulled my 4-sided shapes from the Free Craft Room Basics.  I use this one a lot for basic circles and squares since they are on the main page and are so easy to quickly find.

I often Zoom Out when creating my projects and use the open space on the right side as my work space.  To size them, simply highlight one at a time, unlink the Width & Height so they can independently change sizes, then enter the sizes listed on the Project Guide.  For the Honey piece there are 8 pieces to be cut for cards but only 4 different sizes (2 of each).  To save time, instead of creating 8 shapes, simply create one of each size then copy and paste the 2nd one for each.  Then place each piece in a way that most efficiently uses your paper and you’ll be able to see what you have left to work with.

Cloud 9

5.  Make use of all your extra paper.  Keep in mind that you will make your Cricut cuts first, then cut your straight pieces.  With all the extra unused paper, I was able to add some shapes to back my stamped images.

CLoud 9 Honey

6.  Add any extra paper pieces you want to add to decorate your cards and box.  On the Lagoon layer, I added a few stars, backing for stamped images, and the bottom trim piece for my box (large piece that runs across the bottom of this screen shot).  Although I will use my paper trimmer to cut all these straight pieces (after Cricut cuts), it helps to visualize the complete project.

Cloud 9 Lagoon

7.  Create your *Cut Layers by copying and pasting only the images that will need to be cut on the Cricut.  Keep them grouped together and be sure to have them in the same location on the new Layer.

Cloud 9 Cut Honey

Check out my Simply Inspired Cloud 9 post to see some more stamples and ideas using this great kit and how to use a sponge to add more character to your work.

Cloud 9 w accessories

Here’s a list of the products I used to make this awesome kit:

The Cloud 9 Card Kit is only available this month so get yours today!  For more information on this campaign, check out this video on my Website:

Thanks for visiting and as always, you can get this CCR file FREE when you purchase the kit on my website  Just let me know what email address you would like the file sent to.

Love ya, Sheri

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