8 Steps to a Beautiful Wedding Signature Album

I have really enjoyed sharing my love of the Close To My Heart Picture My Life kits in my past few posts and in particular the For Always Kit that I’ve featured in the last week.  I hope you’ve also enjoyed the many things you can do with it.

But using these cards for a wedding album is one of my favorite recommendations yet!  They are fairly generic in that you can make them work for a variety of occasions, but the colors and designs are classic so they work nicely with all other colors – making them the perfect Wedding Album complement.

No weddings on the horizon?  No problem.  This same concept could be used for an anniversary, birthday, reunion, baby – any event that you might want to add photos and signatures to the party!

PML FA Wedding idea

Whether you’ve already got photos ready to put into an album or you have a wedding coming up, this could be the perfect kit for you!  But if your big day is yet to come, remember these 8 steps to a great signature album:

  1. Print your photos in various sizes (3.5×5.5 and wallet sizes will work best but you can also cut down or cut apart larger photos and use other custom sizes).  You can add interest to your book by developing your photos in a variety of finishes: Black & White, Colored, and/or Sepia – will all look great.  I recommend getting your “staged” wedding day photos ahead of time so you can primp and prep without a lot of distractions for the perfect photos (these will be great enlarged and on-display at the reception, as well).  You can also use past favorite photos, engagement pictures, baby photos, extended family, etc.
  2. Plan the layout/design of your pages.  Don’t try to put too many photos to a page and try to mix colors/designs.  You can use the order of your photos to tell a story.
  3. Mount/back your photos to Cardstock or PML Cards.  This is a great way to use the cards that don’t really work with your theme.  A lot of times the back of the card will work but the front won’t – simply mount your photo or other paper over it.
  4. Add the “Bling”.  This isn’t necessary (the PML cards have a lot of fun things on them already), but adding some sparkles, ribbons, sequins, etc. is like the icing on the cake – and you know how much people love cake at a wedding!
  5. Prep your extra cards to have out at your reception/celebration for people to sign.  You can make custom cards by layering papers, stamping, etc. but many of the cards will work as is.
  6. Make extra Scrapbook pages – if you have more photos to highlight.
  7. Find the perfect Container for your cards and for the pens  – there are lots of nice baskets that will work.
  8. Ask a friend  to keep them organized throughout the party.  Have the cards and Album easily accessible to write on and add the signed cards to your waiting album as they are signed.

PML FA Wedding Close up

People will love seeing you and the fun autographs and good-wishes from all your friends.  This is sure to be a keepsake you and your loved ones will treasure forever!  


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Happy Scrapping and Stamping!  Love ya,  Sheri

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